About the Margaret McCann School of Dance

For more than 40 years The Margaret McCann School of Dance has proven to provide dancers with proper training. Our central goal is to build respect, confidence, imagination,and friendship skills in students while providing a well-rounded, age appropriate dance education. We promote a healthy, non-competitive atmosphere where students are able to learn and grow in a class of their own level. Over the past years, we have become a valued part of the lives of hundreds of students in the Juniata/ Mifflin County areas. We specialize in excellent technique for children beginning at age 4 and continuing through high school.

Dance classes are excellent for gaining strength, grace, physical fitness and body awareness. Students are given opportunities to perform, learning to express themselves in a confident manner in front of an audience. We instill responsibility, teamwork, excellent work ethics and self discipline in our students. They have fun while working hard.

We believe in teaching respect for the Arts. We believe in teaching ethics to our young people. We believe in practicing ethics professionally; therefore, it is our job to furnish a good education with a caring heart and a giving hand.

We value the opportunity to be part of each of our student's lives. Along with providing the best possible dance training for each student, we encourage positive traits such as high morale, self esteem, self-pride, responsibility, self discipline, teamwork, concentration, perseverance, and most importantly, the realization that if they work hard, they can achieve. We believe that children are our future and our most precious resource. They should be exposed to high quality and excellence in all that they do. We pride ourselves in bringing out the very best in each dancer. We happily contribute to the development of not just good dancers, but of good citizens and caring hearts.

114 Bridge Street

Mifflintown, PA 17059